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Why are Curve Craft's Curved Doors Better than those of their Perceived Competition?

Curve Craft Bespoke Elm Kitchen

Many curved door manufacturers make up curved doors using layer upon layer of veneers over a curved former. Not only is this process time consuming - and subsequently expensive, but also, it makes for a potentially unstable product that's prone to warping and twisting. This of course has serious implications - often resulting in very dissatisfied customers!

At Curve Craft, we do things differently. Curve Craft has pioneered new techniques in curved door (and curved plinth / skirting) production. This sees our 5 x piece doors being made from solid timbers - quickly and efficiently to offer market leading levels of accuracy and long term stability. Naturally, this allows us to offer you an excellent product at a very sensible trade price.

Curve Craft also offers 'true' bespoke manufacturing flexibility. We don't dictate to you standard sizes, radius's or designs - instead, we will match almost any flat door design with an internal or external curve and a door height to suit your application.

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