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'One Stop Shop' for all your Curved Furniture Requirements.

Whilst Curve Craft has the ability to match any flat door with a curved version, regardless of style or finish, the chances are that you will also want curved skirting, plinth and cornice.

This being the case, Curve Craft is very much a ‘one stop shop’ for all your curved component requirements.

We do not steam bend or build up curves using endless layers of glued together veneers like many of our perceived competition. Instead, Curve Craft employ unique – specialist techniques

to give market leading levels of stability and quality; this is most important given the extreme atmospheric and moisture conditions that kitchens need to endure.

These are just a few reasons why some of the UK’s most prestigious, bespoke furniture brands choose to work with Curve Craft.

Curve Craft Curved Cabinetry & Components

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