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A Fully Curved 5-Piece Door

For the uninitiated, a 5-piece door is the proper - traditional way of making a door for an item of furniture. The door consists of a top and bottom frame, known as the 'Rails'; two side frames, known as 'Stiles' and a 'Center Panel' - surrounded or 'fielded' by rails and stiles, allowing the center panel to expand and contract with changes in temperature and air moisture content.

Many 5-piece curved doors that you see feature a curved center panel and curved rails- top and bottom. However, the stiles at either side of the door are flat. This can sometimes spoil the overall appearance of the door.

Aesthetically, it's often more visually pleasing and the true mark of high quality bespoke craftsmanship

to see the curve of the door flow into the side stiles; although many companies don't do this because its both too difficult and time consuming to try and curve the stiles.

At Curve Craft this certainly isn't the case. Curve Craft use the expertise of the finest Spindle-moulders and industry leading 'technical know how' to skillfully curve the stiles to produce a truly stable and exquisitely crafted fully curved door adding that special touch to any bespoke furniture commission.

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