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Why Curves will Never Go Out of Fashion

Curve Craft Curved Doors Kitchens

We have often heard mention, over the years, by some designers and within the occasional press feature, that curves are going out of fashion. We at Curve Craft couldn't disagree more!

The fact is that Curve Craft has never been busier; the simple reason being that such a beautiful design element and practical design tool can never truly go out of fashion.

Practicalities and the need to create a visual WOW factor dictates a consistent demand not only for curved doors, cabinetry and accessories, but also, someone that can produce them well with market leading levels of stability and accuracy.

Whilst there are a few curved door and curved accessory suppliers to choose from, its Curve Craft that offers the levels of bespoke flexibility (any height, any profile, any finish, any radius) that allows both designers and many a revered- high end furniture brand to truly exploit their design capabilities.

Much like the wheel, Curves are most definitely here to stay!

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