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Where Do You Go to get a Curved - 'Raised & Fielded' Door?

The answer of course is Curve Craft!

A 'raised and fielded' 5 piece door is where the frame - made up of two sides pieces known as stiles and two top pieces known as rails - surrounds or 'fields' a raised / shaped center panel.

(Rails & Stiles shown above)

Whilst a curved Shaker style door (a door with a flat rather than shaped center panel) is a more common sight, a curved 'raised and fielded' door isn't for the simple reason that many high end furniture manufacturers struggle to make them and subsequently don't offer them as an option to designers.

(Raised panels shown above)

However, we have some great news for manufacturers and any designer looking to match a 'raised and fielded' flat door or wall paneling design. Curve Craft can match ANY raised centre panel design to produce a curved door or piece of paneling to any depth or radius, in a primed or natural timber finish to suit individual applications.

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