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Curve Craft - It's the Small Design Details that Really Make the Difference

The problem with many so called 'bespoke' furniture brands is that you are still working with what is essentially an 'off the shelf' furniture solution company - regardless of quality and brand kudos.

This means that, as an interior design professional, despite brand expectations and a rather hefty 'price tag,' you still don't have the flexibility required to add those clever little details that your client will love - like a specially designed display cabinet for their rare collection china; or perhaps a cornice or door detail that echoes an architectural design element of their property...............

or even a concealed - plinth integrated - feeding bowl system for their much loved family pooch!

At Curve Craft, we believe the capacity to offer the small details along with realistic trade pricing are what truly matter.

Curve Craft Concealed Dog Food Bowl Shelf

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