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Aren't Curved Doors Expensive and Time Consuming to Produce?

If you try to produce curved doors in-house, they will take a minimum of 4 times that of a straight door to produce - and in most instances, a great deal longer! This can cause 'bottlenecks' in production as well as making them expensive to produce - given the production time required.

As a furniture manufacturer, you are then faced with two options. The first option is to not offer your customers curves; this greatly limits your design capability. The second and obvious option is to use an external supplier. 

However, many external suppliers dictate both the designs and radius's on offer. Furthermore, there are often minimum quantities involved; this isn't great news for the high end bespoke designer creating unique one off furniture commissions.

Curve Craft has all the answers. With 4 week lead-times; the ability to create one off's and the bespoke flexibility to match any straight door design in terms of finish and profile with any concave or convex radius - this level of flexibility is simply a dream come true for many of our bespoke furniture manufacturing clients. Add into the mix sensible trade prices that allow for a healthy margin and there is little wonder that Curve Craft now works with many of the UK's most revered bespoke furniture brands.

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