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What's the Use of Curves?

Curve Craft at KBB Birmingham 2016

Besides the obvious beauty and visual impact that curves bring to a furniture design, there are also very practical reasons for curves too. Many of these reasons makes the need to offer curves a 'must have' for any serious - well seasoned KBB furniture designer.

The ability to introduce curves into a design greatly increases your flexibility as a designer, making things possible that ordinarily wouldn't have been - if limited to straight cabinetry and flat doors. For example, within a smaller kitchen context an island might well be possible with curved sides, corners and ends giving more space to maneuver around and a concave hob unit, within a run of base cabinets, gives the cook space to stand whilst allowing others to pass by more easily.

Curves can answer safety issues too. Rounded corners and flowing curves are a much safer option for young children in the home.

Above all, curves simply add that special 'wow' factor to a design; breaking up that boring straight run of cabinets and those boring 90 degree returns.

Curve Craft are experts at curved door and curved accessory production. We can match almost any flat door design, finish and profile with any radius (concave or convex). So if the manufacturer your currently working with doesn't offer curves, don't despair - just get in touch with Curve Craft.

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