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Why Choose Curve Craft for your Full Furniture Commissions?

Over the years, Curve Craft has become recognised, by the high end KBB manufacturing industry, as market leaders for bespoke curved door supply.

There is a lot of truth in the commonly shared opinion that if you can perfect curved door production - arguably the hardest element of any furniture commission, then producing flat doors and cabinetry is a 'walk in the park.'

This is certainly true for Curve Craft. The same levels of expertise, bespoke flexibility and industry 'know how' that goes into our curved doors is also applied to cabinetry, dovetailed drawer boxes and all the accessories required to produce full kitchen, bedroom, study and library furniture commissions.

Lay-on, in-frame, traditional, modern and transitional designs are all possible using cabinet materials of your choice.

Our second to none team of 'cherry picked,' highly skilled designers, cabinet makers and fellow artisans offer you all the manufacturing capacity and expertise you require with every single element of furniture production kept in house. This ensures that extremely high standards of quality are maintained whilst keeping a tight rein on production costs. This of course means that you can achieve the margins you require whilst fully answering the needs of your discerning customers.

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